Nick McCabe The Former Verve Guitarist. This is the First site to be dedicated exclusively to the ex Verve guitarist Nick McCabe. Although no longer a member of that phenomenal but now sadly defunct British band The Verve, who were widely acclaimed for their albums "A Storm in Heaven", "A Northern Soul" and "Urban Hymns", now means new and hopefully ever expanding solo horizons for this guitar genius. I have tried to assemble as much information as I can past and present...trivial and not so!, for anyone who already is informed about Nick, and just likes to indulge in anything McCabe or anyone who would just like to be more informed about him. New information about the publicity shy McCabe is not easy to come by, but if and when there is any news from Nick, it will find it's way onto this site. Nick McCabe, McCabe Nick,The Verve,McCabe Messages,Urban Hymns,Guitarist,Instant Love, Richard Ashcroft,Britpop,Bittersweet Symphony,Wigan,Guitar music,Verve universe,Verve Tabs.

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